Gizmo’s Story: Dog # 232

In January 2012, we opened our hearts to a very special dog who has consumed our lives – and we named him Gizmo.

Gizmo’s beginnings are very sad – and because his story is shared by hundreds of thousands of dogs worldwide – I find it very important to share it and talk about it often.

Gizmo is not just a rescue pup. He is also a puppy mill survivor – he spent the first fourteen months of his life in a rusty, broken, 21”x21” cage that he shared with four other dogs. His cage was stacked three rows high, and his feces and urine would drop below to his fellow mill mates (and those above would drop below to him). By law, this needed to only be cleaned up once every two weeks, though his mill has been cited several times for not doing this. His kennel would be “cleaned” by hosing them out – with all the dogs still inside. His water bowl froze over in the winter; he had inadequate protection from the seasonal elements. He never was able to stretch or play; he never experienced a toy or a loving human touch. As a puppy, he teethed on the wire walls and wire footing of prison – footing that cut into his pads and caused abnormal bone development. He never had a bath, he never saw a vet.

His life would have been this way until the day he was no longer able to produce litters, and then someone who is not required to be licensed would euthanize him – had his mill been small enough at the time, shooting would be legal. Luckily for Gizmo, he was sold unbeknownst to a rescue during a puppy mill auction – an underground auction in which mills gather to barter and sell off their stock for new lineage.

So alongside being a rescue pup, he’s also a very large “work in progress” in our home. Join me as I journal his progression from puppy mill survivor to family member. 🙂

Gizmo’s Progress & Milestones

His Story

Three Dogs and a Hen.

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Two Months In

Three Months Forward, Two Steps Back

A Half Year Later

Seven Months to Get Here

Happy 2nd Birthday / Pupcake Recipe

Nine Month Update

Learn About Puppy Mills

Prisoners of Greed

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The Puppy Mill Project

How Responsible Breeders Differ from Backyard Breeders & PuppyMills

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Take a Stand

As the mama of that wonderful little soul who spent the first fourteen months of his life without love, shelter, stimulation, or any of the other basics for a proper existence, I am adamant about the fight against puppy mills/breeders through positive public education.

How can you help?

First, pledge against supporting puppy mills and backyard breeders by deciding to no longer get your furry friends from them. Instead, find your next best friend through varying purebred or any-breed rescues (yes, even purebred puppies are out there!), local shelters, mill rescues, etc. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve previously supported one of these breeders – today is a great day to stop! Maybe you had no idea when you adopted your dog from a website. Maybe you didn’t think much about it or know enough details when you got your purebred from the pet shop or newspaper ad. It happens. The importance is recognizing that you now understand the pain and torture behind it, and you’re pledging that you will not get a pet from a shop, breeder or internet site going forward. It’s just simply about making that pledge that you will no longer knowingly or unknowingly support the cruelty and sadness that dogs like Gizmo – the ones who don’t make it to puppy shop windows – are sentenced to call life.

Next, snag that button in my side bar and add it to your blog, to help spread the word about your pledge to no longer support puppy mills & breeders! 🙂

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