About the Blogger

I’m Brittney – a short (4’9″) and quirky Los Angeles native learning to enjoy life at a slower pace in a small North Texas town.

In 2007, I married a wonderfully patient man named Sean, and together we share our home with an ever-growing band of four-legged misfits. A former veterinary technician and animal rehabilitator, I now work from home as a Pricing Coordinator – embracing a love for numbers, spreadsheets, and plugging away in my pajamas. By night? I await my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

I believe laughter is the best medicine. I believe charity should begin at home – but shouldn’t stay there. I embrace the golden rule. I have a soft spot for 50’s music, sprinkling life with sarcasm, and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I take the road less traveled because my sense of direction sucks. 😉 I have historical crushes: Dian FosseyMark TwainAbraham Lincoln, and Albert Einstein.

Want to know more about me? *Check out my 27th birthday and 28th birthday posts!* 🙂

About the Family

Casa di Moo consists of two two-legged members and seven four-legged members!

The house matriarch is Bailey – otherwise known as “Face” – an eight year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who carries a piece of my soul. He’s a gentle heart with big dreams of becoming a kitty when he grows up and a habit of licking the cabinets. He is also fully deaf and has low-vision, but neither stop him from knowing the exact moment the Milk Bone box has opened.

Next up is our loon princess, Emmie – otherwise affectionately known as “Mini Moo.” Five years old, she enjoys removing squeakers from toys, rounding up everyone’s toys, and swimming. She dislikes June Bugs and sharing.  Allergic to corn and beef, she also has hip dysplasia and double luxating patellas, and underwent both a femoral head ostectomy and knee surgery in March 2013 (you can follow her physical therapy/progress here).

Last but hardly least of the pooches is our (half-the-size) two-year-old puppy mill survivor, Gizmo – also dubbed “Socially Awkward Gizzy.” He has an unhealthy obsession with laser pens and moonlights in interior decorating (also known as dragging the rugs all over the house). He spent the first 1.5 years of his life sharing a small wire cage in the dark, making puppies for pet shops like Petland and online websites, and never knew love, grass, wind, or a family until January 2012 – and is the reason I am very supportive of the “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” campaign.

Fox Mulder is our eldest mew, and we adopted him at just over two weeks old when a coworker rescued his litter from a rock quarry. He’s our first bottle-fed baby and holds a very special place in our heart. Easily spooked like his namesake and wary of new things, he’s the family love bug who enjoys snuggling with both human and dog alike.

Next in the feline hierarchy is Sully, aka our trouble maker. Originally named for the loving giant in Monsters Inc., he’s actually known as is “Bad Baby Kitty” and it fits well. Found by a good Samaritan with an old coyote bite scar around his spine and a fresh bite wound on his neck – he’d lost at least two of his nine lives and has been determined to test run the remaining seven ever since. 😉 We adopted him at four months old, with his foster mom boldly claiming he was, “a really calm kitten – not the type to climb your curtains.” This was, naturally, the very first thing he did when entering our home – and he’s been making everyone and everything in it his personal playground for the past three years! He excels at getting into trouble and disrespecting everyone’s personal space, but his pension for cuddling and his patience with toddlers makes up for the lot of it.

In August 2013, we adopted our two additional rescue babies shortly after we lost our senior kitty. Though both the same age, they are not litter mates, and are named after two of our favorite Harry Potter characters. Spunky and playful like all little kittens are, Lily also has that definitive “torti-tude” that all tortoiseshells seem to inherit. 😉 She’s also pure adorable… she thrives on belly rubs, cat nip, and sleeping on the big bed with everyone else. She’s a social bee and greets anyone who swings by.

Severus Snape, aka “Sevy”, is the runt of the house – small, full of snuggle, and chatty – and determined to become best friends with the dogs. A mini-Sully in training, he gets into anything and everything a few times over. He enjoys trying to knead the dogs, stealing hair bands, and attacking feet. 🙂

About the Blog

When I began blogging at sixteen, it was just a fun hobby to jot down whatever popped into my head. Over the next decade, it dawned on me that blogging had became a written history for myself and now my family – morphing from daily journal to inspirational notebook, family photo album, passion explorer, and memory keeper.

Casa di Moo (which means ‘House of Moo’ in Italian – though I am both Italian and German) is the collective term for our three spaniels who most definitely rule this roost, and was born in August 2012 as a place to explore, share, grow, and be downright ridiculous. 😉

This personal blog follows my (many, many, many) attempts at cultivating a balanced life. I do my best to keep my (sometimes) sailor mouth to a minimum here, but I’m a colorful soul nonetheless and enjoy peppering my posts with humor. I take life seriously but not myself – and hope my readers find something here to amuse, teach, inspire, or make their lives a little easier.

I am excellent at dabbling in new things (and am even more excellent at finishing very few of them, ha!) and enjoy documenting those adventures – from simpler living, becoming a grown up, nesting, taking my DSLR off “auto”, making better friends with my kitchen, aiming for a healthier lifestyle, embracing my soapbox, and documenting any other creative endeavor I take up as I learn how to balance a more genuine and passionate life.

I firmly believe in being down to earth, silly, and appreciating each and every single person who reads my blog. My goal is for everyone who follows it to feel like they’re a good friend.