Two Become Three.

November 27, 2014 · 2 comments

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am not a big Turkey Day person (the history is a little, ya know, iffy…) but I’m recently getting behind another day of the year where we focus on giving back, being grateful, and eating pie. Because pie.

And on the note of being grateful? I thought I ought to announce that the reason I’ve been a little caught up in life and not blogging is because… WE’RE BECOMING PARENTS! 🙂

It’s been a bit – say about 7.5 months – but I wanted to sum it all up so far really quick!

We’ve been planning this midget for what seems like forever. In fact, we’ve been planning it for so long that I am surprised no one has asked us if it was planned, since we’ve been married for seven years and folks have just assumed we were quietly sticking to the sans-kids-camp.

That means for the last year, after reading Dr. Shettles Method, I’d been faithfully tracking all the joyous TMI fertility things like basal temperature, cycle lengths, cervical mucus (did you just hurl?), and ovulation peaks. We knew we wanted to do a Disney trip one last time as non-parents, so we stuffed in a quick CA visit in May — and then were blessed to nab this baby thing on the first try.

Like, literally, only tried one time on the first try situation. Sorry, nephews, if you’re reading this – don’t get too grossed out, lol. I was so sure I timed it right but was a little bummed when the early tests came back negative. But I knew that it takes even fairly fertile ladies typically 3 cycles to get knocked up, and that was with them boinking like bunnies, so I tried to not get discouraged. Sean even took me out on a “That’s OK, kid, we’ll get it next time!” dinner… and then, when my period did not show up on it’s scheduled date, I decided to test one more time during work. And got a positive.

So, being logical, I tested 4 more times. Because, science.

And then spent my lunch break? Making a much anticipated, totally dorky but golf-themed-for-the-golf-obsessed-husband cake to announce it to him, which I set out on the kitchen island for when he arrived home:

Sean’s reaction? “Congrats on your…. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?” 😉 And without getting too braggy, that man has been incredible this entire pregnancy. All patience, assuming more domestic responsbilities (hello, new household cook!), rubbing my lower back, rubbing my feet, and anytime I felt like I wasn’t doing enough – he’d bluntly tell me to stop being ridiculous because I’m making a human and he couldn’t imagine how exhausting that is.

No, I can’t clone him, sorry. But if I could, you should know upfront he comes with several bins of Nerf guns, Lego boxes, and three full-sized arcades that won’t fit anywhere in your home. 😉

He’s found diaper deals, researched baby monitors, painted nursery stripes, assembled six hundred and forty-two baby things, spray painted decorations so I don’t have to go near chemicals, and been extremely selective about the name. Her name. Because, that’s right… We’re having a little girl!

The pregnancy: Honestly, it’s been pretty easy as far as what seems to be possible terrible things. I gained a bit more weight than I wanted to during the first trimester, due to constant snacking being the only thing helped that “I’m on a Boat” (in muh flippy floppies) feeling that never went away. It lasted from about Week 7-16. I only threw up twice, though, and only water and prenatals – of all things to upchuck. I went through your stereotypical phase of a week or so where nothing sounded good, not even my favorite pulled pork tacos, and chewing and swallowing was like torture. Then I went through a week where meat sounded awful and just hearing Sean suggest burgers made me want to vomit.

I also *severely* underestimated that first trimester fatigue. I maybe sorta thought that you ladies were being a little dramatic and capitalizing on it just a liiiiiittle bit over the top-style… until walking from my car to the office made me want to face-plant into my keyboard and nap, lol. HOLY TIRED.

I also passed out once, likely from blood pressure dropping too low getting out of bed too fast one night. And I have all the usual complaints: my nose is stuffy, I feel like a house, my hips hurt, I’m still not pretending these stretch marks are tiger stripes, etc. But according to Sean, zero hormonal swings or bad moods, and no cravings or anything like that. Pretty stinkin’ lucky pregnancy and I’m very grateful for it so far!

And… that’s about it!

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Mandy December 8, 2014 at 12:42 pm

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re gonna be a great momma!


Saru June 7, 2015 at 9:23 am

you dont!! trust me you may regret it if you eat for two once you have the baby and rsilaee your a fair bit larger than you used to be. some people blow up some people dont. if you overeat your taking that risk. eat healthily, a wide variety of foods and when your hungry. indulge every now and again so you feel normal!! heres some info you may find helpful:During pregnancy, your basal metabolic rate (BMR, or the number of calories you use each day) will increase, and you’ll need more calories to support the extra work needed for fetal development. During the first trimester, most women usually don’t need to increase their usual daily intake of calories (i.e., 1,800 to 2,000 calories) unless they need to compensate for starting a pregnancy underweight. But even if extra calories aren’t consumed in the first trimester, you should still make balanced nutrition part of your daily wellness plan.During the second and third trimesters, you will need an extra 200 to 300 calories each day. But that doesn’t mean feeling uncomfortably full: for example, just one piece of toast and a banana can supply those extra calories.goodluck and remember that baby is alot smaller than you are so when you go for two burgers instead of one remember he sure aint gonna be taking the fallout for the 2nd one!!!happy eating!!!


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