Revisiting the “Before Baby” List.

May 19, 2014 · 3 comments

Remember that time, two years ago, when I was all … LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS I’M GONNA DO BEFORE I GET KNOCKED UP? Yeah, me neither. I pretty much wrote it and then maybe thought about it two more times.

For funsies, I thought I would revisit the list to see where I’ve ended up, though!

The Before Baby List

  1. Ditch any credit card debt completely. – This is one we actually did, much to our own disbelief and how counterproductive having an Amazon Prime account was. 😉 
  2. Get to a healthy weight – complete with healthy habits. – AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  3. Get Gizmo to the point he comes when called and is generally not shut down by the presence of a small human. – You know, thanks to luring all the neighborhood kiddos over with promises of petting the other dogs, he’s pretty much at this point – again, to our own disbelief!
  4. Finish lingering home projects. – See response to # 2 above. We have finished many, but Pinterest has created many, many, MANY more.
  5. Save for pre-baby needs – Doneso!
  6. Save for pre-natal and delivery cost – Doneso! 
  7. Visit CA to see family, friends and Disneyland pre-parenthood.  – WE ACTUALLY DID THIS. I assumed this wouldn’t happen but it did earlier this month. 
  8. Visit WA for at least one last pre-baby lake adventure. – We did this in August 2013, go team us!
  9. Have a honeymoon do-over – you know, one where Sean doesn’t get the flu and spend it hurling all over, preferably where we need to use a passport. (est. $3,000) – Not really, unless you let me count the trip to Disneyland… which I do. 
  10. Develop and maintain better time management/organizational skills. – I bought several fancy planners I do not use and endless office supplies, does this count? 
  11. Boost savings – Yes.
  12. Set aside for maternity leave – Yes.
  13. Put more effort into discovering who I am and who I want to be – passions, hobbies, routines – and developing that person. – Um… sure, why not? Does obsessively watching the birds in my backyard count as a hobby?
  14. Expand my local support network – aka invest in friendships. – I’m going to totally do this… soon. Honest. #LifeOfAnIntrovert 
  15. Tuck away for first year of daycare costs – Yes.
  16. Finish my allergy immunotherapy  – NO. I was on year # 2 and doing fantastic when our allergist pulled out of my physician’s office and to continue, I’d have to shell out again for the testing at her new clinic and start alloveragain. I said screw it.
  17. Install Cat Fence In  – We own this. It is not installed.
  18. Better establish date night. – Kind of. If you let eating popcorn and discussing Game of Thrones like a religion count.
  19. Take a dance class with Sean. – Does “in the kitchen” count?
  20. Learn about, and better embrace, both our German & Italian heritages. – In progress, actually! 🙂 
  21. Make an effort to learn our DSLR. – OR sell it on eBay. 
  22. Take a gun safety course with Sean (I grew up shooting guns and yes we own one, but wow could we use a refresher). – Scheduled!
  23. Obtain an additional work certificate (i.e. project mgmt, resource development, etc). – I was going to do this but I took naps instead.

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Mandy May 20, 2014 at 12:04 am

I actually think making a list and then forgetting about it is the best way to go. Because hello high success rate. Way to go!! 🙂


Paige May 22, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Are you trying to tell us you’re knocked up?


brittney May 22, 2014 at 5:08 pm

LMAOSDHKJFDHGD. I didn’t even think of that. NO no, I am NOT knocked up yet, we’re not even trying. YOU’LL KNOW, INTERWEBS. 😉


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