Home Love: DIY Photo Gallery Wall!

October 30, 2011 · 0 comments

(NOTE: This post was part of a previous domain and comments were not migrated over.) Slowly, but surely, we have been on a kick to turn spaces of our house into a home. When you enter our house, there is a large entry wall that can be seen from most anywhere downstairs – a good, solid 8 x 25 foot empty space. That’s.. a lot of space.. and I have wanted to utilize a chunk of it for a photo gallery wall for a long time.

photo gallery wall

Then, back in April, I was inspired by the aptly-named Erin B. Inspired blog post to finally just DO it! And yes, that means that finally “just doing it” took six months. Because that’s just how I roll. 😉 We decided to go with frames of all shapes, sizes and profiles — and we found every spare frame we weren’t using in the house and filled in the rest with $2-3 frames from Walmart. In total, we acquired 39 frames that would hold a total of 44 photographs! Two cans of glossy black spray paint later (and a few coats, as our frames ranged from black to red to white), we were set to arrange them on the carpet; and we happily discovered we would be taking up a 4 x 9 foot space (it sits just above where the chair rail will be installed, btw).

Which is exactly what we did, because I’m lazy. And because both Sean and myself have a tendency to need everything perfectly spaced and symmetrical, attempting a “haphazard” style photo gallery went against the very grain of our beings — and it took us a few days to stop trying to make everything into a perfectly spaced square. Actually, no. It took us several days until Sean was like, “OMG WOMAN! STOP THAT!” and took over the re-arranging from me because it pained me to see uneven spacing between the frames. ::I am special::

Then, because we’re even more lazy, we just sort of transferred them from the carpet layout to the wall (after measuring and marking the middle points, etc, and working outward), eyeballing as we went. I think it actually turned out pretty snazzy, considering! I decided to go with b&w photos so it wasn’t too overwhelming – and it’s a lovely, meaningful mix of photos from professional engagement/wedding, to childhood and pet photos. For the 2-per-frame sections, I set up matching photographs of my mother and myself in preschool (top middle), side-by-side’s of Sean and myself as toddlers and side-by-side’s of our parents — which made my mother-in-law mist up when she came to visit us for our anniversary! 🙂 All in all, I loved this little $50 DIY project and how much it means to me, and of all the projects I wrangle him into assisting with, Sean is most proud of this one and grins like a goon everytime he walks past it and sees the framed photo of Bailey in glasses.

P.S. If you are wondering where I got the wooden family name plate, I bought it here and could NOT be more happy with her work. I’m actually ordering about 6 more as Christmas gifts!

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