Visitors Beware.

December 10, 2010 · 0 comments

(NOTE: This post was part of a previous domain and comments were not migrated over.) People who are kind enough to visit my house know they have to deal with my pet’s antics. Like how our (now passed) kitty, Huckleberry, would climb into everyone’s suitcases and refuse to budge. Or how Bailey can’t grasp you don’t want him THISCLOSETOYOURFACE while you’re eating. How nothing delights Fox more than diving into a coveted guest room the minute you’ve arrived – so that he can stomp his litterbox-y feet all over your pillows.


Asking people to deal with your two dogs and four cats can be a bit much — but as it turns out, that’s not what I am pet parent to at all.

Turns out I am actually asking them to put up with my two dogs, three cats and one land shark. That’s right. Land Shark. Why you ask? Because our former-cat-turned-land-shark, Sully, has developed a delicious new habit: Attacking limbs. It started slowly, as an adorable need to reeeeeach out and just place his wee little paw into your hand to hold. It has since advanced to eating your feet alive. Not just mine, or Sean’s, or even yours. But Bailey’s. Emmie’s. Audrey’s. You get the idea. Here are places to be wary:

– The couch/loveseat. He loves to hide under both and then jab his paws out as soon as you’re most relaxed.

– The bed. We have an open frame headboard and he enjoys waiting until you put your hands behind your pillow before springing up just long enough to swat your face and duck back down. I suppose your face isn’t really a limb, but it’s still fair game in Land Shark Town.

– The pet stairs. He loves to hide INSIDE the pet stairs and wait patiently for anyone to use them, so that he can pop out nab an unsuspecting paw or tail and give everyone a heart attack. Or, if that isn’t working, simply wear the pet stairs around like a parade float and blindly chase down things with feet to eat.

– THE SHOWER. Yes. I was *just* showering and totally lost in my own little shower world (maybe singing Christmas carols, but that’s besides the point) when he POUNCED through the curtains and INTO the tub to grab my toes. And when I shit my pants was startled, he calmly sat in my shower and waited until I physically removed him from the scene of the crime.

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