1,825 Days of Face (Happy Birthday, Bailey!)

January 27, 2010 · 2 comments

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Happy Birthday Moo

I decided that since everyone else gets to make big fabulous posts in honor of their children, I get to make a big fabulous post in honor of my dog. THAT’S RIGHT. It’s Bailey’s BIG FIFTH BIRTHDAY and to celebrate, I am shoving a huge picture/video/text-heavy post down everyone’s throats.



Baby Bailey

I remember the time…

  • We brought you home on your dad’s 25th birthday — and you fell asleep cupped in his hand because you were that small.
  • You felt the best spot to sleep as a puppy was across my forehead.
  • You were 2 months old and started coming to work with me — and spent 8 hours chewing cables, stealing office supplies and, even once, my bosses wallet.
  • You were 3 months old and decided to eat a slug, and when I reached for it, it pulled and snapped back and I almost vomited.
  • You were 4 months old and found some poop at the baseball field, and when I reached for it, my hand went SQUISH and I almost vomited.
  • You were 5 months old and found a gooey rabbit spine in the park, and I when I reached for it, it was sharp and bloody and I almost vomited.
  • You were 6 months old and saw the ocean for the first time. You ran straight into a wave and then SCREAMING back to me as if the Pacific had bitch slapped you right then and there.
  • You were 7 months old and I stupidly shared an insane amount of peanuts with you on the road trip to Washington. When you got there, you pooped a Pay Day and cried the whole time. You never learned your lesson and you still beg for peanuts.
  • You learned to swim after a stick — and on your third try, you swam past the stick and tried to bring back a log.
  • You put up with Fox eating your tail at night until we finally adopted Rom to distract him so you could sleep.
  • You wouldn’t stop trying to steal some beach-goers’ pizza — and it ended with Sean sliding to catch you and covering their pizza in sand.
  • You used to chase your dad up and down the driveway — and the time when you finally grew big enough to out-pace him.
    You farted floss.
  • You suffered through a pumpkin costume because the stupid stem hat made me laugh — and now refuse costumes altogether.
  • My mother in law told me you are (adorably) pathetic, because you whimper and stare out the front window anytime she baby-sits until we get back.
  • You interrupted Sean’s proposal because you felt you were being ignored.
  • You decided I was taking too long to get ready for my wedding and decided to nap on my train.
  • Despite having the worlds shortest wedding ceremony, I still have a series of photos of you eating rose petals before falling asleep during our vows. Good to know you found it that important.
  • You faithfully slept on the love seat with me after my nasal surgery, so I wouldn’t be bored, alone or cold.

I love the fact you…

  • Patiently dealt with a baby Emmie pulling your ears, biting your tail, stealing your chewies and coveting your toys… and still do, even though she’s all growed up now. 😉
  • Wait to steal q-tips from the bathroom trash can until you’re sure I’ve stepped into the bathtub, because then you know you’re home free.
  • Wait to snuffle your dirty feet all over my pillow until you’re sure I’ve stepped into the bathtub, because then you know you’re home free.
  • Argue with me over when dinner time is and make your final point by kicking your food bowl upside down and stalking off.
  • Will scream intently at the kitchen island, even though you can’t see the counter top, when you’re convinced something edible is just out of sight.
  • Get in the car and IMMEDIATELY kicky-kicky the seat covers off so you can happily put your muddy paws all over the real fabric. THANKS for that.
  • Love everything and everyone you meet, no strings attached.

I heart you

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Kaka June 7, 2015 at 11:51 am

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